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SPF is increasing the power of community organizers and our grantees throughout the rural South to distribute resources and knowledge in support of social justice.

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Social Justice Institute Overview

The Social Justice Institute (SJI) is a leadership development and capacity building program designed to enhance the sustainability of SPF’s grantee organizations and other grassroots organizations committed to under resourced individuals and communities in the South. We recognize the vital importance of making capacity building a priority; not only for Southern Partners Fund as a foundation, but also for our grantee partners. These groups and organizations serve an important role in addressing the needs of children, youth and families in rural communities, to improve their conditions and create a legacy for future generations. The programs and information offered by the Social Justice Institute are designed to promote knowledge building, best practices in organizational management, and increase collective understanding of historical and present civil and human rights issues in the South. 


The SJI will provide comprehensive resources in the following areas:

Current, new, and emerging leadership and civic engagement training and development
Fundraising, grantwriting and resource development training
Educational outreach, convening and networking
Community organizing and movement building strategies and support
Executive Coaching for rural, grassroots nonprofit leaders
Promoting the culture and traditions of social justice work in the South
Organizational development information, resources, and best practices
Advocacy, public policy education, marketing, and communications support

All of the materials and programs offered by the Social Justice Institute are designed to fit the specific needs of grassroots, community based organizations in the rural South focused on social change. The Institute is designed with several components: Peer-to-Peer coaching and networking; 1:1 organizational assessments and consulting for select nonprofits; executive coaching opportunities; regional workshops across the southeastern U.S.; a speakers’ bureau, and the signature program of the Institute will include a 1-2 day training that provides an experiential learning opportunity for participants at least twice per year. These educational resources and management practices will connect rural community based leaders with access to tools and resources that can strengthen their organizations to deliver on their missions, to improve lives through social change and equity.



Contact information

 If you have questions regarding the Social Justice Institute Launch please contact Fernando Cuevas, Jr., fernando@spfund.org or 404-541-9091 x114

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